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 General Rules And Regulations

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PostSubject: General Rules And Regulations   Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:03 pm

This post is here to remind you first before you do something in this forum. I post it to keep the cleanliness of our forum .


  • BEFORE YOU POST : Each section of the forum have its own rules . So please read them first before you post a new topic .

  • IN POSTING : Your post must be clean and readable to understand it easily by the readers .

  1. FOR NORMAL POST: For posting normal posts , your post must be connected on your topic or on the topic being posted.
  2. FOR REQUEST POST: For request post , read this REQUESTING RULES.
  3. FOR ALBUM POST: For albums of bands and artist post , read this RULES.

  • LANGUAGE IN THE FORUM : I , the administrator can understand and speak English and Tagalog. It's ok to write a post with any languages but you better translate them in English for sake of all readers. If your not much good in english ( like me ) , do your best just to make your post more understandable.

  • FLOODING ON POST: Once in for all flooding must be avoided. Avoid posting the topic twice. And if you have a mistake in your post just edit it , just click the edit botton ( ) . Its on the top right side of your post , to avoid double posting.

  • INTRODUCTIONS: Before you introduce yourself in the forum read this PATTERN for introductions.

  • SUGGESTION TO THE FORUM: If you have suggestions just post it in the suggestions section. I will appreciate all of your suggestion .

  • SUPPORT TO THE FORUM: If you have problems to the forum like broken links from the downloading section , just report it on support section or you can make a private message to the Admin and Moderators were open to help you if we are online.

  • DOWNLOADING FILES: Read first this INSTRUCTIONS before downloading to avoid asking and asking how to download.


  • If you disobey the rules i said , I will warn you 3 times. If you pass the 3 warnings , sorry but i have to permanently ban you for not following the rules of this forum. If you want to be respect , respect the others. So please cooperate and don't disobey our rules and regulations .

If you have more questions about this rules , just send your PM to the Administrator or the Moderators to answer your questions.

Arrow NOTE : This rules may be edited or modified for an addition to the rules so make it a hobby to read this when your visiting our site .

Thanks for your cooperation and respecting the rules

Respectfully ,


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General Rules And Regulations
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